Oct 1, 2013

Choosing our own successful destiny

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Destiny, a word that encompasses everything a man strives for, during his short life in this world.

Bhagya, fate and kismet, these are the words which are eternally related with human beings. 

Man is successful as a result of his hard work, he becomes rich and famous, he makes his destiny in this world, but that destiny is short lived, he ultimately dies.

I personally think that every single person should choose his ultimate destiny of success and believe in it. And should not let anyone else to choose it for you.

 I personally believe that every man in this world is unique; he has his own special abilities, center’s of thought and decision making.

Every one should strive hard to use them to make his/her ultimate destiny successful. And reap the benefits long after leaving this world.

There are serious disputes between people themselves, but no difference is much bigger when it comes to choosing our own ultimate successful destiny and that of mankind in general.

But then there are several questions everyone should try to answer themselves personally, I think.

Which path would lead man to ultimate successful destiny?

For questions like these, man himself should strive for answers, I personally believe.

If he already has the answers, keep them refreshed, scrutinize them to the test of times, and analyze them with his wisdom and thought.

There should be no guess work, I think, because we live in the present, make it sure that we have the right answers.  And moreover, there’s no room for complacency too, I think.

Faith and beliefs are the things which are unseen, but some times you see things pretty much straight forward, sometimes you get to know, what the right thing to do is.

And if the faith and belief is true, supported by actions in the active presence of mind, then I personally believe that ultimate destiny of success will not be far away. 

Man should relentlessly strive for that ultimate success and make that success his very own personal destiny.

Follow a religion when you understand it, practice a religion when you follow it.

Be religious, but not sacrilegious.

Knowingly or unknowingly, everybody is religious.

Wishing you the best.

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