Nov 4, 2010

Is faith necessary to experience miracles?

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To a question at an online discussion forum, my reply I make available to you.

Do you have to believe in God or be religious to experience miracles?

 "We do not know where we were, before coming into this world. Nor any man has ever disclosed where he went after closing his eyes. Why? Have we learned a single lesson about this phenomenon.

If you could understand the human reproductive process, you'll be baffled to know, how and why a sperm originating from between your loins has an exact size and shape. Exact information to swim through the dark passage inside of woman's womb. Of all the millions, one or two or three sometimes more than these have the ability to copulate with the female egg. Forming the very first embryonic cell.

At that particular instance of time, there is no tangible outlook about How this embryonic cell will turn out. Whether it will be a male or female, dark or light in colour and many other important physical features, like green or blue eyes, black or blond hair and so on.

This embryonic cell multiplies and forms the very basis of each and every inch of a human body. No matter you extract a cell from skin of under your feet or from any region of your body. All of these features are same. And then again it is only our tongue which can taste things, its only our nose which can smell, its only our eyes which can see, and not any other part of our body even though the construction of the basic cell is same. It's only the information carried through brain to the rest of the organs dictates an order to be obeyed. Without which the human body may not function as it was designed to be. The organs stimulate every other order dictated from the brain. And then the ultimate authority brain itself again comprises these same basic cells. It is an engineering marvel, a master piece at work, like no other in this world.

As we can see it is a miracle in itself, a single sperm giving rise into a behemoth of billions of cells by the time a human baby is born.

So, if we take this into account that indeed this is a miracle. Then this miracle happened even before the advent of religions in this world.

So this can be held as an ample testimony that religiousness or belief in God or God are the next stages to evolution theory. It shows that we don't need any more miracles because we ourselves already are a miracle. May be now the only job left in this world is to uncover these miracles and praise them."

What views do you have regarding this question? Please feel free to share your thoughts on the subject. I wish all readers the best in life.

You can follow the discussion thread here.


The Silence Within said... Reply to comment

I was expecting something deeply philosophical.
You showed that every small and big thing is a miracle regardless of our faith.
Faith nonetheless helps you to remember each of these miracles and keeps you happy. Have faith!

Arpana said... Reply to comment


Nalini Hebbar said... Reply to comment

Life on Earth is a miracle...and if God created man, he should have created him before he did the humble amoeba!
The evolution of life is the right theory to explain our existence on Earth...the evolution of religion has changed the history of Man for the worse! Do look up for a similar topic on my blog...OPEN MIND.

S.R.Ayyangar said... Reply to comment

This like a question whether Hen came first or the egg! Even if one agrees that life came before religion, its all the faith one has in it about the supreme creator in the world.

Valleyz said... Reply to comment

@The Silence Within

Hi there!

Yes, you are right! :)

I agree with you. Faith plays an important role in daily life and helps us remember the miracles.

And also miracles are not compulsory to have faith, I felt.

I appreciate your outlook!

Valleyz said... Reply to comment


Hi there!

Yes you are quite there, Universe has many forces working in tandem and it's great when we recognize these miracles surrounding us.

@Nalini Hebbar

Hi there Ms Nalini,

Of course, these are the issues we have been delving upon since the evolution of Universe in general. I sincerely hope we will be able to distinguish between these miracles.


Hi there Mr Ayyangar!

I agree with you, faith is the corner stone of billions of people around the earth. No wonder why it is a fact!

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts!

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