Oct 1, 2013

Choosing our own successful destiny

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Destiny, a word that encompasses everything a man strives for, during his short life in this world.

Bhagya, fate and kismet, these are the words which are eternally related with human beings. 

Man is successful as a result of his hard work, he becomes rich and famous, he makes his destiny in this world, but that destiny is short lived, he ultimately dies.

I personally think that every single person should choose his ultimate destiny of success and believe in it. And should not let anyone else to choose it for you.

 I personally believe that every man in this world is unique; he has his own special abilities, center’s of thought and decision making.

Every one should strive hard to use them to make his/her ultimate destiny successful. And reap the benefits long after leaving this world.

There are serious disputes between people themselves, but no difference is much bigger when it comes to choosing our own ultimate successful destiny and that of mankind in general.

But then there are several questions everyone should try to answer themselves personally, I think.

Which path would lead man to ultimate successful destiny?

For questions like these, man himself should strive for answers, I personally believe.

If he already has the answers, keep them refreshed, scrutinize them to the test of times, and analyze them with his wisdom and thought.

There should be no guess work, I think, because we live in the present, make it sure that we have the right answers.  And moreover, there’s no room for complacency too, I think.

Faith and beliefs are the things which are unseen, but some times you see things pretty much straight forward, sometimes you get to know, what the right thing to do is.

And if the faith and belief is true, supported by actions in the active presence of mind, then I personally believe that ultimate destiny of success will not be far away. 

Man should relentlessly strive for that ultimate success and make that success his very own personal destiny.

Follow a religion when you understand it, practice a religion when you follow it.

Be religious, but not sacrilegious.

Knowingly or unknowingly, everybody is religious.

Wishing you the best.

Please feel free to leave your comment.

Sep 26, 2013

One world

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It is necessary to have a single standard of governance for human beings to sustain on earth, if there is no single standard then there will be unequal distribution of resources and opportunities in the world.

Universally speaking, that is the reason why we have a unique solar system, where we draw our resources from a single ecological system.

We derive the light energy from the same source.

It is the single standard of water cycle we have, we have no other alternative.

It is the single system of photosynthesis that sustains plant life on earth.

We live in a connected world. We need to understand the realities of the world.
 On the pretext of intellectual and other rights of discovery, world cannot hold hostage other people who are lagging behind. 

Because the foundations of discovery and innovation are inherently linked to the system of sustenance of life on this planet, without which nothing could be discovered or invented. That does not mean injustice to the talent and hard work.

We live in a world where we have disparities in many spheres.
 We live in a fractured world, we live in a fractured society.

Otherwise in today’s age of innovation and design, we would not have lost millions of lives on one pretext or the other. It is highly imperative up on the humanity today than any other time to initiate steps in the right direction to address the issues besieging the world and eliminate them for the sustenance of a just and equitable world.

World cannot afford to live in an atmosphere of suspicion and lack of trust. 

There is no doubt, that there are serious territorial disputes, but people should move forward and look ways to bridge those differences.  Not by denying what is truth and righteousness. Not by denying what is equitable and just.

I believe this world is based on principles of justice and truth, and it will sustain itself till the time truth remains in this world. 

For us to move forward I believe there’s only one way, we should move forward as a single community, as a single entity, and as a single united race.

Sep 20, 2013

In unity lies our strength

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Dear friends,

Time has come for us as citizens of the world to stand united, particularly in matters of governance, as inefficient governance is leading to injustice to large sections of people in different parts of the world.  When we talk about governance of the world, then we are talking about whole of the humanity as one race.

If humanity is not united and shy away from identifying itself as one race then we are not doing justice to our existence on this planet, which we have inhabited from time immemorial. 

There’s no one out there in the entire planetary system like we exist here on this planet with immense possibilities.  We have a tremendous responsibility on our shoulders and we cannot look the other way or just forget about it. It’s in our hands as a people, as a nation, to shape our destiny, our future, our endeavor.

We as a people need to bridge the gaps of inequality together on the road towards justice. We as a people should leave our differences behind and forge an unbreakable alliance so that we march ahead on the road towards justice.

People have long suffered injustice on one pretext or the other. In the past injustice has been meted out on the basis of race, injustice has been meted out on the basis of religion, creed, sex, region and so on.

More than two thirds of the world’s population is hard working ordinary middle class. The systems of governance of today’s world are serving a section of people of the earth. Where the rest, are lagging behind. 

There is a strong urge now than ever before to bridge these existing gaps. 

There is struggle for basic amenities like water, food and shelter in most parts of the world. There are long pending territorial disputes. There is hunger, child malnutrition and child labor prevailing in many regions of the world.  There is large scale female foeticide in many countries.

Today there is an urgent need to look into these issues like never before. There is urgent need for addressing these issues in a holistic manner.

But only through unity we can achieve these goals. If we are not united then we are talking about injustice. 

There is a strong need like never before that world should now engage in serious debate about how we should move forward or it will not be far away that our incompetence and inefficiency will cast a huge shadow on the future generations and they will not forget us for a world, we would be offering them to live in.

Sep 14, 2013

Need for transparency

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I remember the days just before I fell ill, the Wiki leaks stories were doing the round and Julian Assange visited Sweden hoping to find country’s liberal laws on media  freedom would support his mission and was addressing social gatherings, there was much fanfare and press, and later soon allegations were brought against him by two Swedish women of misconduct.  

Going with Assange’s track record it would be hard to believe he may have committed the crime but you never know the truth unless proven.

 Sweden has strong ties with the U.S. and there are media reports that  Sweden has participated in secret rendition plans of the CIA by allowing flights chartered by CIA carrying unknown detainees to secret locations across Europe possibly  U.K.

Prosecutors were undecided initially, there were allegations of the episode being given a political color. And an Interpol notice was issued against Assange who traveled to UK and the rest everyone knows.  I hope there is an amicable settlement of the issues involved.

But the debate is far wide open, whether it’s O.K. to challenge national policies of a Sovereign country in the manner conducted by the activists. Or U.S., the world’s most influential and powerful nation on earth was exceeding it’s mandate with the people. If looked at deeply, you can see that it is not just about the U.S. alone but all the countries may have to face opposition in their respective countries with same tenacity and aggressiveness.

No government of the day would like to see this happen and would as evidently take necessary measures to stop it. The most important question in front of the people is always whether to go with the anti-govt view or resist it or remain neutral. The choice is always with the people. But people cannot remain spectators for long as that would be detrimental for its cause.

And recently came the news of CIA contractor Edward Snowden quitting, over what he considered unacceptable U.S. policies of surveillance and interference, breaking security protocols meant to safe guard the communication, without people ever knowing it. News is filtering by the hour and by the day the extent to which there has been surveillance.

Internet companies in the U.S. are worried about the fallout on their businesses as no one would now believe that the products they are selling cannot be compromised. European media is discussing these issues concerning their respective countries.

I personally feel there needs to be transparency in the government affairs and politicians should not play into the hands of vested interests and lobbies and do what is necessary for human endeavor. 

Sep 12, 2013

After the break

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After a very long break starting afresh.After a long unwanted break from blogging I browsed the web a while and found some blog directories missing, popular social networks like MyBlogLog missing and many voices missing from the discussion forums. I felt I was missing something.

But was happy to see some well known voices still out there with the same spirit and enthusiasm. Also the new bloggers making it to the world wide web. Blogger made huge developments to its platform offering more to its users.

I don't know how long I will keep posting, this is my first post after a long time, I always wanted to have different blogs for different purposes. But during the initial years could only manage to write one. Hope fully I will do justice. . Thanks to Blogger and others for keeping my account intact. Wish it could have been the same with the email services. Wish you all the best.

Jan 6, 2011

Valley of Flowers 2

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Continuing from the previous post Valley of Flowers,

Original Source Wikipedia.org

Details about the photograph and ownership, find it here

Wishing all the readers a happy and propserous 2011. I would like to share a picture from the place. I hope you like it. Thank you all.